Old Laws in New JerseyWhen you hear of an arrest in New Jersey, it is often due to assaults, theft, drug-related offenses, or other well-known crimes. However, most people may not realize that New Jersey has several criminal laws that may be a hundred years old or more but have never been officially taken off the books. The following are ten examples of bizarre and outdated laws that still technically active in NJ:

  1. Sheep, horses, and cows are not allowed to get through a fence by climbing over, climbing under, or breaking through the fence.
  2. It is against the law for pilots to engage in acrobatic flying or tricks while flying over a group of people or inhabited area if the low level “flat-hatting” endangers people.
  3. In addition to the above law, pilots are also strictly prohibited from littering or dropping objects from a plane. This excludes water and loose sand, however.
  4. Yet another prohibition for pilots is to never use their planes to purposely kill birds. In fact, doing so could mean up to three months in jail plus fines!
  5. Grain millers do not have the right to charge too much for the bushels of grain they may sell–specifically, taxing more than 1/10 of a bushel per bushel they ground.
  6. New Jersey law first requires that every county courthouse has pillars built in a way that allows surveyors to accurately test out their compasses. Everyone else is specifically prohibited from removing, altering, or damaging any of these pillars in any way.
  7. Steamboat pilots are not allowed to try to pass and overtake another steamboat that is traveling in the same direction if it causes the other pilot to change his course.
  8. It is still illegal to unhitch a “whiffletree or swingle bar” in New Jersey if it may cause a traffic accident. This may be confusing unless you are aware that these are parts of horse-drawn carriages.
  9. No matter what, you cannot hitch up your horse to a fire hydrant or light pole in NJ!
  10. Finally, you may not kiss a Bible when a taking an oath.

While these laws are, of course, not actively enforced, it is important to know how long a certain law can stay in effect in New Jersey.

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