3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Just Pay the FineTraffic tickets can seem like everyday occurrences and nothing to worry about.  It may be tempting to simply accept the ticket and pay the fine. However, the consequences of New Jersey traffic tickets can extend far beyond the fine you pay up front and it is important that New Jersey drivers understand fully the consequences of just paying a ticket.

In simple terms, traffic tickets can have the following long term effects:


There are a variety of factors that go into determining your auto insurance premiums, such as the obvious age and condition of your car, accident history, etc.  But drivers may not be aware that having traffic tickets on their driving history can also have an effect on their insurance premiums.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission warns drivers that traffic violations on a driving record typically result in higher insurance premiums for those drivers. Each subsequent ticket will compound the effect, so it is best not to even accept one ticket on your record.


Your driving record is accessible to potential employers. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission keeps a driver history for each driver in the state. If you are required to drive as a part of your job, your employer will check your record regularly. If your record reveals traffic violations, your employment could be in jeopardy. Depending on the type of work you do, a moving violation may force your employer to terminate you immediately.

Employers may also check your driving record as a part of a regular background check. Multiple violations can reflect negatively on your application and may bar you from certain kinds of jobs. It is important to dispute traffic tickets to ensure your driving record remains clean.

Loss of Your License

Employment aside, the state may revoke or suspend your driver’s license if you have too many tickets on your record. Each moving violation results in adding points to your record. In the state of New Jersey, 12 points results in a suspended license.

Points are not added one at a time, either. Most moving violations in New Jersey carry a multiple point penalty. For example, careless driving, running a red light, or speeding up to 14 mph over results in two points being added to your license. More serious violations, such as reckless driving, can add 5 points for just one ticket. A full list of violations and points can be found at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s website.

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