drug-related charges

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Marijuana charges are steadily rising in the Garden State. Drug-related charges are a serious matter that can affect your life. There are many ways an attorney can help you, but you need to find the right one. Hiring an experienced attorney with years in defending drug-related charges is where you should start. Your attorney will know defense tactics to help defend you. Some of the many ways your attorney can defend you are by challenging the evidence.

Fight Illegal Stops and Searches

Many times, the arresting officer does not clearly state that you have the right to refuse a search. For the search to be legal in the state of New Jersey, the officer must state your rights. If the officer forces you to consent to a search, such as not letting you leave without agreeing, this is an illegal search. On top of an illegal search, if the officer had no legal reason to stop you, then the stop itself was unlawful. Many of the ways your attorney may defend you will start with the stops and searches.

Insufficient Evidence

Your attorney will get your discovery package soon after you’ve hired him or her. The sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner the discovery package will be available. Your attorney can use any lack of evidence to defend you. If policies were not fully followed (e.g. the evidence was checked in or out without a responsible individual), your attorney can use this to prove that the evidence was potentially tampered with.

Drug-related charges can hurt your personal and professional life. They can take away future opportunities or be the reason you lose your dream career. It is not guaranteed that you will win your case, but without an attorney, your fighting chance is very slim. The first thing you should do after you have been charged with possession or distribution of the drug is to find an experienced attorney. If you or a loved has a drug-related charge, contact David C Barry, Attorney at Law today at 732-204-7387 or go to the website, njattorneydwi.com. Book an appointment today for a free telephone or in-office consultation if you are ready to hire an attorney.