New Jersey Attorney

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Do you need help proving that your case is not constitutional? Hire a New Jersey attorney to help you with your case. Your attorney will be able to look at your case from both the prosecutor’s and your side, deciding what is the best defensive tactic. Laws are changing often, and those changes may be what your attorney can use to help you in your case. There are many circumstances that show that something that led to your charges was unconstitutional which your attorney can use to defend you.

Your New Jersey Attorney Will Disassemble the State’s Case Against You

When you hire your attorney, your “discovery” files will be available to them. The discovery files are the evidence for your case. The first thing your lawyer will do is go through every piece of evidence, making sure that every part of the arrest up to the charges is legal. If they do find a piece of evidence that shows something unconstitutional, they will use that to fight your case. For example, in a case where you have charges of a DUI or DWI, if the arresting officer did not have a legal reason to stop you, your attorney can use that to fight your case. The attorney will fight to prove that the stop was illegal, and if the court agrees, your charged will dismiss.

Your New Jersey Attorney Will Fight to Prove That You Are Morally Not Guilty

Your attorney can suggest not fighting the charges but find a way to make a deal. Assault cases are a good example of attorneys using this defensive tactic. During a bar fight, many circumstances can change the situation completely. Your attorney can fight to prove that the dispute was mutual, and this can result in charges dropped or a lesser punishment of a fine. Another defensive tactic is to prove you were acting in self-defense or in defense of others. In such cases, your attorney will use the evidence to show that you did not start the fight.

You may not know that you have the right to refuse a search. An attorney can prove you were forced to agree to a search.  Your attorney will fight to prove your innocence or that you had fair reason to protect yourself. Hiring an attorney can save your professional license or an increase in your insurance rate. If you or a loved one is in a situation where you feel like an attorney can help your case, call David C. Barry, Attorney at Law today at 732-204-7387.