Traffic Violation Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Traffic Violations Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Even though the 50 states of the USA claim to be united, when it comes to traffic violations, they can sometimes operate very differently from one another. This is especially true in New Jersey. If you live here now or plan to in the future, it’s crucial that you understand the most common New Jersey traffic violations. Though they have many similarities, each region has its own cultural background and its own laws. Traffic violations, for instance, remain more or less the same in terms of legality, but each state handles them with slight differences.


New Jersey Traffic Violations


It’s important to understand how traffic law operates in your state. New Jersey’s traffic laws can be fairly strict and with good reason. Even though New Jersey is one of the smallest states in the US, it’s the fourth most populous, making New Jersey the most densely-populated states in the country. Between the permanent residents and all the seasonal tourists, vehicles crowd the New Jersey roadways.


Speeding Violations


Speeding is one of the most common violations. You can get ticketed for any type of speeding. However, driving more than 15mph over the limit will result in 4 points on your driving record; at 30mph and above, you could get 5 points on your record. Illegal racing will also add 5 points. Racing, by the way, doesn’t have to involve another car if you live in New Jersey. As we’ve pointed out, a New Jersey judge can determine that you were “racing” as long as you were driving more than 10mph over the speed limit. New Jersey has more speed traps than any other US state, so it’s important to pay attention to the posted limits.


Turning and Passing


Turning and passing violations are also quite common. Passing in a no-passing zone or attempting to pass a stopped school can all result in tickets, points, and fines. Turning violations include illegal U-turns and ignoring the left and right turn laws. These violations are very easy to commit, but they can also be extremely dangerous.


Reckless Driving


More serious than other traffic violations, reckless driving can lead to jail time, high fines, and license suspension. “Reckless driving” generally means that one was driving without regard for the rules of the road. It can be a combination of speeding and other violations, and it’s especially dangerous because it often causes accidents and injuries.


When to Call an Attorney


If you’ve received a citation for any of the above violations, you will want to seek legal counsel. An attorney can help you understand your rights in court. If you need to know more about traffic violations and how they can impact you, then contact David C. Barry. Use the contact form on our website or call today at (732) -204-7387.