Comparing the PenaltiesIt’s not as easy as you might think to compare the seriousness of driving violations in New Jersey; it’s more of an apples and oranges kind of thing. While you probably wouldn’t consider getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, driving without insurance – in the eyes of New Jersey law – is no better. If you drive in New Jersey, arm yourself with the facts.

Compare and Contrast the Charges

If you are charged with a first offense of Driving without Auto Insurance in New Jersey, you face considerable penalties if convicted:

  • Mandatory loss of driving privileges for one year;
  • $300 fine; and
  • Additional collateral expenses, including state-imposed yearly surcharges and nine car-insurance eligibility points (which lead to greatly increased premiums in a state that already has some of the highest premiums in the nation).

If you are charged with a first offense of Driving while Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving under the Influence (DUI) – at any level – you face similar penalties if convicted:

  • Mandatory loss of driving privileges for seven months; and
  • Fines that exceed those of Driving without Auto Insurance.

What about a Second Charge?

Things get trickier when it’s not your first charge. Upon second offense, both charges amp up the stakes. If you’re convicted of Driving without Auto Insurance for a second time, the fine can rise to $5,000; and there is a mandatory 14-day jail sentence. On the other hand, if you are convicted of a second charge of driving under the influence, you face a maximum fine of $1,000; and the sentencing judge (who has discretion regarding your sentencing) can implement a jail term of anywhere from 2 to 90 days.

New Jersey law almost suggests that you are better off legally if you drive under the influence than if you drive without insurance. Regardless of New Jersey law, you should never drive under the influence; you could cause irreparable harm. But don’t forget that New Jersey laws can be inscrutable. If you are faced with a charge of Driving without Auto Insurance, retain a skilled New Jersey lawyer.

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