Are Google Glass Devices Distracted Driving?

Distracted DrivingTechnology has become increasingly advanced, as can be seen by Google’s new Google Glass device. This is an apparatus with a computer component to produce a visual sight to your peripheral vision, which is meant to be worn like a pair of glasses. However, many state legislatures are concerned that this technology is going to cause more problems and concerns for drivers. This new technology is not considered the same as texting while driving.

Though states are attempting to ban the devices while driving, there are issues in regards to determining whether the wearer was actually using the device while driving or not. Since they are considered a glass device, they have the capability of simultaneously being prescription lenses, thus becoming necessary for the driver to wear at all times regardless of whether they use the additional features or not.

Google Glass and Vision Correction

If state legislators continue to seek a ban on the use of these devices while driving, it would be virtually unenforceable by law enforcement because at sight, there is no way to determine whether the gadget is being used or if the driver is simply wearing them for corrective vision purposes. The device is still in the prototype stage, with inventors and creators working to perfect the usage and may even implement certain options to help assist drivers instead of distracting them. Though it may be technologically advanced, using the device while driving, even if it promotes an idea that is assistive instead of distracting, can be dangerous.

Help for a Distracted Driving Ticket

Using any technological device while driving can create a dangerous situation not only for you but also for other drivers around you. However, wearing such apparatus in itself does not call for legal action. For any driving violations, including but not limited to those revolving around the use or wearing of the Google Glass, contact an experienced attorney to help you fight against the violation. Call me, defense attorney David C. Barry, today at (732) 238-8686 to discuss your case.