DUI Checkpoints – What You Need to KnowNew Jersey regularly employs sobriety checkpoints to identify those drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court holds that, if the required guidelines are upheld by the law enforcement personnel involved, such checkpoints are constitutional. Though the locations of these sobriety checkpoints aren’t always revealed to the public, holidays like the upcoming Fourth of July often invite increased checkpoints throughout the state.

DUI Charges in New Jersey

If you get behind the wheel after downing a few drinks at a holiday picnic or gathering and are subsequently charged with DUI, retain experienced New Jersey legal counsel as soon as you possibly can. DUI charges can be tricky, and they come with lasting significant consequences. Your case is too important to leave to chance.

DUI Defense

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving in New Jersey after passing through DUI checkpoints, a skilled DUI lawyer has many options to consider in defense of your case:

  • Sobriety field testing is often employed in DUI cases but is also widely considered to be unreliable and to result in abundant false positives.
  • Breathalyzers, though not as accurate as blood tests, are regularly implemented in DUI charges. These tests come equipped with a variety of legal challenges, including machine malfunction, poor operator training, and improper usage. Any of these can lead to a test-result challenge on your behalf.
  • Miranda warning rights pertain to DUI charges – even though a DUI is a traffic offense in New Jersey. If you haven’t been read your Miranda rights, any statements that you make during questioning while in custody for DUI charges may be excluded as evidence against you.
  • Probable cause is usually employed in pulling someone over for potential DUI charges, and it refers to the charging officer’s probable reason for pulling you over in the first place. Such cause, however, is not relevant at dui checkpoints where all drivers are pulled over. Even at such checkpoints, however, the charging officer must have enough evidence to reasonably believe that you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs before charging you with DUI.

Every DUI case is unique, and there are myriad legitimate defenses. If you’re looking at DUI charges, do not hesitate to retain skilled legal counsel.

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