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Failure to Deliver CDs to Police

Criminal Charges Resulting from Failure to Deliver CDS to the Police

Failure to Deliver CDs to PoliceFailure to make lawful disposition or failure to deliver CDS to police is an often-misunderstood offense with serious consequences. You can feel confident that Attorney David C. Barry will explain all elements of the charge(s) to you and devise a defense strategy to protect your rights and freedoms.

Many people confuse this charge with a drug possession offense as both are outlined in New Jersey Statute 2C: 35-10. This offense is considered a disorderly persons offense and is punishable by:

– up to six (6) months in the county jail,

– hundreds of dollars in fines,

– mandatory six (6) month driver’s license suspension (unless hardship can be established)

If you are stopped by the police while in the possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), you MUST turn over the drugs to the police. Even if you are not under the influence of any drugs, if you fail to hand over the CDS to the police, you can be charged with this offense.

You cannot afford to be without representation in a drug related matter. Attorney David C. Barry has decades of experience defending criminal cases, including all drug-related charges, in and around Middlesex County. Contact David today for a free consultation at (732) 204-7387.  And remember, Mr. Barry will handle your case personally – your matter will never be handled by a less experienced associate.