Speeding is a common offense among American drivers. If you get pulled over for speeding, you may be tempted to pay the fine without question – or worse, ignore the ticket altogether. However, a speeding ticket’s impact does not simply vanish as soon as you pay the fine. In fact, you could experience the repercussions of your speeding offense for years in terms of auto insurance costs. In the long run, you may benefit from seeking legal advice. A New Jersey attorney can advise you about your speeding ticket if you need to know more.

Each State Has Different Laws

If you find yourself outside of your home state, you risk receiving costly speeding tickets. New Jersey’s speeding laws are probably different from the laws you’re used to. If you plan to travel or have recently moved, a lack of familiarity with local traffic ordinances can add complications to an already difficult process.

New Jersey Speeding Tickets

Additional complications arise from the fact that New Jersey is the worst state in which you can get a speeding ticket. Michael Frank of Popular Mechanics pointed out that speeding fines in New Jersey have the potential to skyrocket. A New Jersey judge could double your fines if you were “racing,” on a public highway, and in this case “racing,” means driving 10 mph or more over the speed limit. Frank also noted that New Jersey has more speed traps than any other state in the US.

Your Driving Record

New Jersey punishes speeding violations with “points” against one’s driver’s license. For example, the penalty for driving between 1 and 14 mph over the speed limit is two points while the penalty for driving over 30 mph above the limit is 5 points. These numbers may seem small at first glance, but keep in mind that 12 or more points on one’s driving record could result in the driver’s license getting suspended.

New Jersey Attorney

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