From Happy Hour to HandcuffsWe all enjoy going out for happy hour or a celebratory dinner with our coworkers – it IS happy hour after all. Even the happiest plans, however, sometimes go awry. If you are headed out after work, always put safety first and curtail your drinking if you’re also going to be driving.

Setting the Scene

Imagine you’re going out with the office gang to celebrate a shiny new deal you’ve made or a big new client you’ve brought in. What could go wrong? You don’t want to Uber or hail a cab, so you forego the drinks at the fancy restaurant and indulge in a rich meal instead. Unfortunately, that’s right where the trouble could begin.

A DWI without Touching a Drop?

Alcohol doesn’t always come in a glass. In fact, many restaurant dishes – especially fancy celebratory restaurant dishes – are steeped in alcohol. This goes double for certain alcohol-soaked desserts, which often have straight spirits poured right on them. Additionally, sauces such as wine reductions are created by reducing wine with heat. You might be thinking that all the alcohol cooks out anyway, but you’d be wrong.

Cooking with Alcohol

While heat does diminish the alcohol in a dish, it does not eradicate it. In fact, trace amounts of alcohol can remain even when a dish has been briefly brought to boil or simmered for 30 minutes. If you tuck into a hearty portion of boeuf bourguignon or coq au vin, you could have a problem.

When Happy Hour Isn’t So Happy

If you haven’t been drinking, you are less likely to be alert to the effects of alcohol in your system. When that happy hour with heavy hors d’oeuvres or festive dinner includes menu items that pack their own punch, you could leave the restaurant with a BAC (blood alcohol content) that’s DWI worthy.

Good to Know

While this is handy information (few people pay much attention to the alcohol content of their food choices), it doesn’t do you much good if you get pulled over for a DWI on your way home. There is, however, the possibility of building a valid defense against such a charge, and an experienced DWI attorney will guide your case toward its best possible outcome.

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