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A New Jersey attorney is knowledgeable about the complicated aspects of a New Jersey DUI. Although a DUI is not a “criminal act” in New Jersey, it can still result in severe and harsh penalties. A DUI attorney can help you understand your charges and protect you from undesirable consequences. Keep reading to learn five reasons why you should hire an attorney for your DUI Case.

1. Your Constitutional Right to a New Jersey Attorney

It is critical that you take advantage of your right to legal counsel. The creation of this right is considered a form of protection for your other rights. A DUI attorney can protect all your rights in court because they have years of knowledge and experience in law. A New Jersey attorney knows what is and what isn’t a reasonable charge for a DUI.

Make no mistake that the prosecution prepares well to fight against you in court. They will have a team of traffic lawyers because they want to have thoroughly investigated your DUI charge. To be equally prepared to defend yourself against the prosecutors, you will need a DUI attorney at your side. A New Jersey attorney will understand the specifics of your case and can adequately stand up for your rights.

2. Verification of Evidence

It is possible that the evidence being used to charge you with a DUI is not valid. If this is the case, it might turn out that authorities did not mean to charge with a DUI in the first place. A New Jersey attorney will have experience with presenting and refuting the evidence. You can be sure that the evidence presented by the prosecutors is valid by hiring a DUI attorney.

3. Keeping a DUI Off Your Record

In New Jersey, a DUI will stay on your record forever because they are not open to expungement. It’s possible that a New Jersey attorney can find a way to reduce your DUI charge. In some instances, you can have these reduced charges eventually removed from your record. DUI attorneys make themselves aware of local laws and legal proceedings related to DUIs and other traffic violations. By hiring an attorney, you can be sure that you did everything you could to try and keep a DUI off your record.

4. Optimizing Your Opportunity for Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses can mean the difference between a DUI or less severe traffic violation. However, it can be difficult to find valuable and useful witnesses on your own. DUI attorneys have experience with gaining access to relevant witnesses that could help you avoid jail time. Furthermore, they will know which questions to ask the witnesses and which opposing questions to prepare the witnesses to answer.

5. Reducing Your Sentence

The initial hope in a DUI case is to prevent sentencing, but if the ruling is not in your favor, an attorney can help reduce your sentence. A New Jersey attorney has the knowledge and tools to keep your jail or fee punishments as low as possible, even if the court finds you guilty.

These are just 5 of the many reasons why you should hire a New Jersey attorney if you are facing a DUI charge in New Jersey. In court, the prosecution prepares itself to give you the maximum charge. It is important that you have a DUI attorney by your side to ensure that the legal process is just and fair. Contact us today to learn more about how to hire a New Jersey DUI attorney.