This past holiday season, one of the most coveted gifts was the “hoverboard,” a motorized scooter that gives the appearance that the rider is hovering despite the device having two wheels. These devices do not work on grass or other natural terrain, therefore, many hoverboard owners have been riding them in public on the streets and sidewalks. However, many hoverboard riders may not realize that they may be subject to traffic violations for doing so.

Motorized Scooter Laws in NJ

New Jersey has a set of laws directed toward users of motorized scooters, which can be found in Chapter 8 of the New Jersey Driver Manual issued by the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). A hoverboard is considered to be a motorized scooter and the law prohibits using them on a “public road or sidewalk” except in areas that are specifically designated. In addition, no one younger than 12 years old is allowed to operate a motorized scooter. Violating these laws can result in a traffic ticket.

Many different types of vehicles can be considered to be motorized scooters, including:

  • Sport scooters or mini-scooters
  • Pocket bicycles or Super pocket bicycles
  • Motorized skateboards
  • Mini-motorcycles
  • Mini-choppers
  • Any other type of vehicle that does not comply with federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards or are not certified in compliance by the manufacturer.

There are exceptions for disabled individuals riding certain qualifying motorized wheelchairs or vehicles meant for mobility assistance. However, vehicles such as hoverboards or others in the above list do not qualify as mobility-assisting vehicles and do not fall under the exception.

If you have been cited for riding a hoverboard or other type of motorized scooter on a public roadway, you may not take the citation as seriously as other traffic violations involving passenger vehicles. However, if you fail to pay your ticket or fail to appear in court, you may be arrested and may face additional charges. If you decide to simply pay your ticket, you will be pleading guilty and will have a conviction on your traffic record, which can impact your future. For these reasons, it is critical to discuss any type of traffic violation—even if it involves a hoverboard—with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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