Do you need a New Jersey attorney if you receive a Driving Under the Influence charge? Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a crime in all 50 states. As a result, all DUI cases are addressed in criminal court. While you can represent yourself, there really is no DUI case that is not worth proper representation. This is the case even when it is your only DUI. Again, you do have the option of representing yourself, but that is always risky in criminal court. Instead of representing yourself, you can be appointed a public defender or hire your own attorney.

New Jersey Attorney Consultation

A large majority of attorneys will give you a free consultation to discuss the intricacies of your case. It is well worth your time to get at least one free consultation. Even if you can’t find an attorney who gives free consultations, you should be able to find one who will charge a small fee. This fee should be worth it to determine your best course of action.

When Could You Go It Alone?

Are there cases where you can represent yourself? If this is your first DUI and you have no other substance-related driving cases, it may be standard practice for everyone in the same situation to get a plea deal. Frequently, this plea deal is on the lower end of the potential consequences for a first DUI. In this case, you may be okay to represent yourself. However, your case may be unique in that some mitigating factors can lower or dismiss your charge. As a result, it would be a mistake for you to represent yourself.

Public Defenders

Many people take the option of a public defender. These attorneys are free of charge. However, they have large caseloads and little time to devote to your case. Furthermore, you don’t get to choose your public defender. Instead, one will be chosen for you.

Items for Consultation

If you’re a resident of New Jersey, you can choose a free consultation with a New Jersey attorney. When you meet with a New Jersey attorney, you need to bring along certain documents to help evaluate your case. Those documents include the police report, your medications list, and any other relevant documents that an attorney may want to review. Also, you should bring a list of questions that you want to be answered.

The Complexity of DUI Cases

Each DUI case is unique. Therefore, it is hard to know all the intricate details of each case. How is each case unique? Each case is based on different substances, different blood content of the substance, interactions between medications, accident versus traffic stop, and if you have other DUI’s or other driving violations on your record.


Let’s not forget your responsibilities with the DMV. In addition to the consequences you will receive in criminal court, you must also address your ticket with the DMV. If you have a New Jersey attorney, this person can represent you on both fronts.

In Conclusion

Making light of a DUI is never a good decision. While you can represent yourself, you are better off hiring a New Jersey attorney to ensure your rights are protected. If you need expert advice regarding a New Jersey DUI, contact me, David C. Barry at 732-204-7387.