Mind Your Manners in and out of the CourtroomCourtrooms are no place to go rogue when it comes to minding your manners. Courtrooms, in fact, are bastions of civility, and good courtroom manners are highly valued. Do yourself a favor and mind your p’s and q’s when you’re in a courtroom. For good measure, why not make good manners part of your daily lineup – it can’t hurt, and you’ll be making a positive social contribution.

A Cautionary Tale

Recently a young defendant who was appearing before a New Jersey Judge belched audibly. The Judge then ordered the young man to apologize to the court. When the man refused, he was held in contempt of court and was issued an additional summons. It seems like common sense, but when you are summoned to appear before the court, your behavior matters – mind your manners.

Order in the Court!

Above all else, the courtroom requires dignity and solemnity. You do yourself no favors by throwing your manners out the window. Although dignity and solemnity are broad terms, there are some basics that you should keep in mind when going before a judge:

  • Show your respect for the court and its officers;
  • Avoid unnecessary talking;
  • Dress conservatively in clean, sedate, and intact clothing (no band or slogan tees);
  • Do not chew gum;
  • Do not wear a hat;
  • Do not speak on your cellphone, wear headphones, eat, or read while you wait your turn; and
  • Do not belch – if you accidentally do, apologize for your bodily transgression.

Minding your manners in the courtroom is not just a nicety. Good manners allow you to present yourself in the best possible light and to provide your testimony without the unsettling distraction of bad manners. Putting forth this effort can bolster your testimony and keep you out of contempt of court.

Don’t Court Trouble

There is no reason to court trouble; mind your manners in the courtroom. By minding your manners elsewhere, you may be able to avoid a court appearance in the first place and you’ll certainly make your mother proud.

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