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A minor in possession charge can be difficult to address without the help of a New Jersey attorney. The state of New Jersey has specific penalties for minors in possession. A New Jersey attorney can help you understand the law, your charges, and next steps.

Specifics of a Minor in Possession Charge

In New Jersey, minor in possession falls under Section 2C:33-15 of the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice. The penalty for a minor in position is a disorderly person’s offense and a fine of no less than $500. Furthermore, If the person charged commits this offense in a motor vehicle and is at least 17 years old, driving privileges will be suspended for six months. If your minor is less than 17 years old, they will have their driving privileges suspended until six months after he or she reaches the age of 17 years.

New Jersey attorneys can help you learn and understand the possible penalties you can face with a minor in possession charge. For example, there are additional penalties for this type of offense such as the requirement to attend alcohol education or a treatment program. In addition, your New Jersey Attorney can help an individual claim immunity from prosecution if:

  • the minor called 9-1-1 to report that another underage person needed medical assistance because of alcohol consumption
  • he or she provided the 9-1-1 operator with your name
  • the minor was the first to make the 9-1-1 report
  • he or she stayed on the scene with the person needing medical assistance and cooperated with law enforcement
  • the minor was the underage person who received medical assistance

Why Should I Hire a New Jersey Attorney for My Minor in Possession?

Laws can change without public knowledge because updates occur frequently. A New Jersey attorney will be up-to-date with any new components of the minor in possession charge. In addition, to stay current with the minor in possession charge details, it is important to understand these details. New Jersey attorneys are able to explain the specifics of the minor in possession charge.

There are many aspects of a minor in possession charge which makes fighting the charges alone very complicated. Rather than run the risk of paying fines and fees for educational classes about alcohol, money spent on a lawyer can bring you peace of mind. Your New Jersey attorney can help you fight any unjust charges you received.


Especially with a minor in possession charge, New Jersey attorneys can be helpful. The goal of a New Jersey attorney is to fight for justice by helping you understand what penalties are fair and which are not. Contact us today at (732) 204-7387 for more information!