Restricted LicenseWhen you get a certain number of convictions for traffic violations or one particularly serious traffic violation in New Jersey, one of the consequences may be that the state will suspend your driver’s license. Not having a driver’s license can significantly affect your life, especially if you do not live within walking distance to your work, educational institution, or other important obligations. Many people who lose their licenses for a period of time end up missing hours or days or work because they cannot find rides and may even lose their jobs altogether.

When people lose their jobs or lose income, they often cannot afford to pay the costly surcharges required to get their license back at the end of their suspension. The Motor Vehicle Commission can charge from $100 up to $1,500 per year for three years if people have certain convictions on their driving records. These surcharges can prohibit many people from getting their license back, especially if they are not working.

Unlike the large majority of states, New Jersey does not currently have a program that offers a restricted license for individuals who are suspended. However, it looks like our state may finally be close to passing a bill that would implement this type of program. Senate Bill 654 has made it through many stages of legislation and if it is passed into law, a restricted license may be available to certain people.

Under the new law, people who have had their licenses suspended due to failure to pay surcharges or too many traffic points may obtain a restricted license that allows them to drive to work, child care centers, school, or required treatment programs. Drivers who are suspended due to DUI convictions will not be eligible for restricted driving privileges, however. In addition, drivers who violate the conditions of the restricted license can face serious penalties.


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Losing your driver’s license for even a short period of time can be a huge inconvenience and can even put your work or school in jeopardy. Obtaining a restricted license could make your life significantly easier as you deal with a license suspension. At the office of David C. Barry, Attorney at Law, we have helped many people defend against traffic-related charges and consequences, so please call our firm at 732-238-8686 for help if you have been arrested or have lost your license.