New Jersey recently introduced new legislation in the state Senate that would legalize growing, selling, and using marijuana recreationally. Even the bill’s sponsor believes that it has little hope of being enacted under New Jersey’s current Republican Governor, Chris Christie, who opposes all efforts for legalization. Instead, Senator Nicholas Scutari sponsored the bill as a means of laying the foundation for enactment by a future governor.


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Colorado Leads the Way

Senator Scutari refers to Colorado’s successful incorporation of marijuana laws that include recreational use. In fact, Senator Scutari refers to the U.S.’s prohibition of marijuana as a failure (much like prohibition of old). Senator Scutari looks to Colorado’s success and opines that (i)t is time to end the detrimental effect these archaic laws are having on our residents and our state.

New Jersey and Legalized Medical Marijuana

New Jersey has pushed forward with legalizing medical marijuana, but the restrictions are tight. To obtain approval for medical marijuana, a physician who is registered within the state’s program must assess your need and must certify that you have an approved debilitating medical condition, which includes a very limited list. New Jersey does not make it easy to access legalized medical marijuana.

New Jersey, Possession, and Criminal Charges

In New Jersey, possession can be a criminal charge. If you possess more than 50 grams (1.76 ounces) of marijuana, it is a felony that can get you 18 months of incarceration. New Jersey takes its possession laws seriously.

The prospects for legalizing recreational marijuana usage in New Jersey seem remote right now, but they are laying the important groundwork already. Laws are continually evolving; if you’re facing criminal possession charges, seek experienced legal counsel.

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