New Jersey New State Police InitiativeThroughout cyberspace, emails and posts have been circulating warning drivers about the 30-day  frenzy in New Jersey. The claim is that with the holidays approaching, state troopers began heavily monitoring well-traveled highways throughout the state with at least 50 troopers on duty at all times.  Some of these highways include I-295, the Garden State Parkway, I-96, I-287 and Route 130.Though this has not been confirmed, it is possible that heightened vigilance could result in a substantial increase of speeding tickets. Caring members of society, friends and family are sharing this message in hopes for their friends and loved-ones to avoid being pulled over by a state trooper potentially on the warpath to fulfill a quota. It is said that they look to make over 9 million dollars from the tickets with only 1 million being used to pay for the troopers’ overtime wages.

Whether this is a truthful initiative or a bogus scam to generate popularity, it is worth taking note of and acting accordingly. Driving 5mph over the speed limit is enough for a state trooper to pull you over and write a ticket for speeding. It would be wise to drive cautiously as always, but to take extra precaution during this time period to avoid any troopers out for blood.

The penalties following a speeding ticket vary depending on how much over the speed limit. Usually, 1-14 miles over the limit is a 2-point offense with a fine ranging from $80 to over $100. Speeding 15-29 miles of the limit is a 4-point offense with a fine ranging anywhere between $100-$200. Any ticket given for spending 30 or more miles over the limit is a 5-point offense with fines that can be over $200 and require a court appearance.

If you have a speeding ticket, do not just pay it. Making the payment is the same as saying you plead guilty. To fight against your speeding ticket, whether to get it dismissed or to reduce the offense, call me, defense attorney David C. Barry, today at (732) 238-8686. I have the experience you need to help you fight against your speeding ticket or any other traffic violation.