You live anywhere but New Jersey and whether it’s for business or pleasure, fate has you driving down the Garden State Parkway, the Turnpike or any other highway. In any event, you are just “passing through” when all of a sudden your rear view mirror is filled with the flashing lights of a police car. And In the end, not only have you been pulled over, but you’ve gotten a ticket. That’s when you notice this fantastic gem: the “mandatory court appearance” box on the lower left hand side of the ticket checked.
Does this mean that you have to return to New Jersey to deal with this matter? Is there any alternative to the substantial expense, inconvenience and professional embarrassment this could cause?
In most cases, the answer is yes! David C. Barry regularly helps out of state truckers and motorists resolve even difficult traffic tickets without the necessity of returning to New Jersey. I do so by taking advantage of a relatively little known New Jersey court rule that permits a defendant in a traffic case, with court permission, to defend themselves by affidavit.

Additionally, my convenient geographic location in the densely populated “middle” of New Jersey (Middlesex County) gives us a unique advantage. I’m within a stone’s throw of most courthouses throughout the state which enables us to maintain statewide coverage while keeping my rates low.

There are some cases where a defense by affidavit is not available. These include accidents involving personal injury, DWI/DUI, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and indictable offenses. Should your tickets involve those types of offenses, it is even more important that you contact me right away.

So if you ever find yourself with an out-of-state ticket from the Garden State, call me, David C. Barry at (732) 238-8300 for a free telephone consultation. My experience is substantial, my track record is well-respected, and my services are cost-effective to make sure you get your matter resolved as soon as possible with as little headache as possible.