Veteran’s Diversion ProgramNew Jersey is one of only ten states that’s yet to implement a program to divert veterans who are accused of crimes into treatment programs for mental health or substance abuse rather than into the traditional court system. If a bill now awaiting final legislative approval passes, however, this could become a thing of the past. This pending bill could make an important difference in the lives of many New Jersey veterans. The New Jersey bill, if passed, will pertain only to those accused of specific non-violent crimes and will limit treatment programs to only those run by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. The bill’s detractors find fault in its lack of scope and not in its proffered help for veterans.

Veteran’s Diversion Programs

Veteran’s diversion programs have been put in place across the country to help assuage the plight of many veterans. Veterans risk life and limb to protect our national security and freedom, but they often pay a hefty price. Reintegrating into civilian life can be especially difficult, and veterans face greatly increased addiction and mental-health risks that can ultimately lead to criminal charges.

Veteran’s diversion programs originated in New York when one judge took a bold step in founding the original Veteran’s Treatment Court, which focuses solely on veteran’s justice and on assisting veterans with obtaining necessary mental-health and addiction treatment. The success of this initial court swiftly led to more, and the U.S. now boasts hundreds of veteran’s courts – with more on the way.

How These Programs Work

Veteran’s courts usually focus on cooperation between the prosecutor, the defense attorney, veteran’s groups, treatment centers, and advocates to create a holistic treatment plan that provides those veterans (with addiction or mental health issues) who’re facing legal charges with the services they need. Admission to a diversion program is usually contingent upon a mental-health or addiction diagnosis.

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