Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money. If you are in the habit of collecting traffic tickets, however, you’re blowing money on the surcharges. When it comes to driving on New Jersey’s highways and byways, mind your p’s and q’s and keep your cash in your own pocket. Learn more about the New Jersey point system and surcharges to avoid them.

New Jersey point system

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The New Jersey Point System

In New Jersey, it only takes 6 pesky points on your license to earn yourself attention from the Motor Vehicle Commission (attention you don’t need). Driving is a huge responsibility that all drivers should take seriously. That said, however, an overeager or under-experienced driver can quickly rack up 6 points by – for example – passing improperly (4 points) and driving 10 miles over the speed limit (2 points). Along with the sticker price on your tickets, you’ll also land some surcharges.

New Jersey Surcharges

If you accumulate those 6 points (or more) within three years of a previous violation, you’ll face a $150 surcharge along with an additional $25 charge for every point over 6 that you’re facing. A surcharge that’s based on points against your license can be levied anytime within three years of a previous traffic violation. Failing to pay a surcharge can lead to license suspension, which will cost you another $100 to restore.

There are specific instances in which established surcharges are automatically imposed:

  • Driving with an expired license (or with no license) will cost you $300.
  • Driving on a suspended license costs $750.
  • A $3,000 surcharge is exacted for a first and second DWI (a third within 3 years of your last offense will cost you $4,500).
  • Driving without necessary insurance levies a $750 expense.
  • Refusing to take a BAC test will set you back $3,000.

All of this obviously adds up quickly.

Bypassing the Point System

New Jersey takes its point system very seriously, and you’re well advised to scrupulously follow every rule of the road. Mistakes do happen, however, and eventually, most drivers will get a ticket a time or two. If you’re facing surcharges on alleged driving violations, consult with an experienced New Jersey traffic violation attorney today.

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