NJ State Police Send a Letter to Those Reported Distracted DrivingAfter an uptick in traffic fatalities in 2016, New Jersey Police are on an enforcement blitz to stop distracted driving. Their message is frank: If you’re driving, keep your hands off your cell phone. Attorney General Porrino’s statement that a distracted driver is a deadly driver puts an even finer point on the message.

Dangerous Driving Hotline

New Jersey officials have relaunched the state’s #77 dangerous driving hotline, which enables them to take calls from the public that report impaired, reckless, or distracted driving. Further, those calls that don’t end in a ticket may lead to a warning letter for the vehicles’ owners from the state police. The state recognizes that it’s not realistic to expect every #77 call to result in a ticket, but they want vehicle owners to know when their vehicle has been identified in such a way. Officials believe that raising awareness about distracted driving in this personal way may help to curb the activity.

Rise in Deadly Crashes

In 2016, deadly crashes on New Jersey highways rose eight percent over 2015, and though distracted driving does not account for every incident, New Jersey’s Transportation Commissioner says that the connection between the two can’t be overlooked. If you see dangerous driving, call the #77 hotline and provide the vehicle’s make, model, color, and license plate number. If you can provide all this information, the police department may be able to issue a ticket and will be able to send a warning letter to the vehicle’s owner.

Distracted Driving Complaint

Once a vehicle has been identified on the hotline, a letter will go out to the owners of that vehicle that informs them that their vehicle was targeted by a distracted driving complaint. Since teenagers are most likely to engage in texting while driving, authorities are encouraged that these letters may lead to heightened awareness for those parents who receive them (teenagers’ vehicles are often registered to their parents).

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