Ohio Judge Orders DUI Offenders to Download Ride-Sharing AppAn Ohio judge, Michael Cicconetti, has begun ordering DUI defendants to download apps that hail rides as part of their sentencing. Cicconetti found inspiration from a case that dealt with a repeat DUI offender who continually drove drunk even though he lived just blocks from the bar he frequented. The app-happy Cicconetti ultimately decided to implement the mandatory activation of ride sharing apps for DUI offenders.

The Judge’s Reasoning

Cicconetti explains his decision by relaying that if the mandate prevents one person from causing an accident that harms someone, keeps one person from getting a DUI and attendant license suspension, or precludes one accident from happening in the first place then his approach makes sense. Further, Judge Cicconetti explains that the apps don’t cost a dime and are far less costly than blowing a positive Breathalyzer test, getting a DUI, and facing license suspension.

Creative Approach to Sentencing

Cicconetti serves at Ohio’s Painesville Municipal Court and is often linked to his unusual sentencing approach. He previously sentenced a school-zone speeder to work a crossing-guard shift and a cab-fare evader to take a long walk. In fact, Cicconetti prides himself on his atypical sentencing and his low recidivism rate. Although he only gets creative in about one percent of his cases, Judge Cicconetti believes that his approach can keep young, impressionable defendants – who are facing their first misdemeanor – out of the jail system and can ultimately serve to keep their records clean.

Hail! Hail!

Cicconetti encourages other judges to adopt his approach to DUI charges. With the onslaught of ride-hailing apps, there is little need for individuals to drive while under the influence. Cicconetti believes that, with the ready availability of ride sharing options, DUI recidivism should drop sharply.

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