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Possession of CDs

Caught in Possession of Drugs in NJ

Possession of DrugsCriminal defense attorney, David C. Barry understands that facing a possession of controlled dangerous substance (CDS) charge can be devastating both personally and professionally. Such charges can result from an individual having possession of a controlled substance (in any amount). This applies not only to possession on an individual’s person, but also within a vehicle, a home, or other location for which the individual is held responsible.

Every Controlled Dangerous Substance is categorized by the State of New Jersey into Schedules I through V. These schedules are used to classify drugs according to their potential for abuse and whether they are currently accepted for medicinal use in the United States. Schedule I drugs being considered the most addictive and the least accepted in the US for medical use.

Penalties for Possession Drugs

There are many possible consequences for a drug possession conviction, with varying levels of severity. Some of the most common penalties of a drug possession conviction include:

  • Fines up to $35000
  • Probation with random drug screening
  • Drug awareness/drug counseling classes
  • Incarceration possibly up to 10 years

Because of the significant penalties for a person charged with a CDS crime, it is important to immediately hire an experienced New Jersey criminal attorney as soon as you are either investigated or charged with an offense. Please call David C. Barry today at 732-204-7387 about your CDS case.