Rising Violent Crime Rates Prompts Initiative in Burlington CountyAuthorities in Burlington County, New Jersey have come together to create a $50,000 Safe Streets initiative that will span 18 months and take on rising violent crime rates that are related to guns and drugs. The Safe Streets initiative focuses on sharing departmental resources and personnel throughout the county.

Safe Streets Initiative

Officials and law enforcement personnel united in saying enough is enough when it comes to violence and guns in the streets of Burlington County. They describe the situation as having reached a level that is unacceptable and that must be rectified. The funding comes from monies seized from past violent crimes, and it will contribute to enhanced collaborations and shared resources within Burlington County. For instance, K9 units and officers will come together for neighborhood canvassing and watch projects. The initiative is set to run through 2018 (or until the allocated funds are exhausted).

Cause and Effect

The Safe Streets initiative follows a pronounced increase in Burlington County’s fatal gun-violence statistics. Further, a recent open-fire car chase in a residential neighborhood contributed to the decision to implement the initiative. In fact, 2016 Burlington County homicides tripled to 19 in 2016 (over 2015). The Safe Streets initiative was born of these collective causes.

Community Involvement

Officials point out that this remarkable increase in violence involving guns in Burlington County was effected by very few perpetrators and that this uptick in guns and violence is closely related to rising drug crimes. County officials encourage all residents to remain vigilant in their efforts to bear witness to anything they deem suspicious. Because the police cannot be everywhere at once, the creators of the Safe Streets initiative encourage community members to get involved, to stay alert, and to report suspicious findings. In other words, keeping the streets of Burlington County safe is a team effort.

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