Three Surprising Weapons OffensesWhile most people understand that it’s illegal to possess a handgun without proper licensure, many people fail to realize that New Jersey has some of the harshest gun crime laws in the nation. If you are charged with a weapons offense in New Jersey, you are probably looking at prison time (if convicted). If you carry a gun in New Jersey, it behooves you to educate yourself about possible weapons charges in the state of Liberty and Prosperity.

What the Heck?

If you find yourself carrying a gun in New Jersey, you should pay attention to several important facts:

  • Out-of-State licensure – You are ill advised if you believe that your out-of-state gun license applies in New Jersey. To possess a gun in New Jersey, you must also possess appropriate gun licensure in New Jersey. This is true even if you are just passing through or just stopping by for cheap gas. Whatever the reason, you need appropriate New Jersey licensure. If you are from out of town and get pulled over for doing 30 in a 25, admitting to having a handgun in your car can amount to an admission of guilt; and the sentencing stakes are high.
  • Unlawful Disposition of a Firearm – New Jersey’s penalties for the unsafe disposition of a gun are harsh. This applies to any illegal transportation of firearms, including for purposes of unlawfully selling, transferring, or disposing of the firearm in question. Even a fourth-degree felony of this sort carries a not-insignificant prison sentence.
  • Unlawful Possession of an Imitation Firearm – New Jersey laws not only address firearm possession but also address imitation firearm possession (which can also carry a significant prison sentence). These laws address firearms such as BB guns, Airsoft guns, pellet guns, and paintball guns – all of which require a valid carry permit in New Jersey. This absence of distinction between firearms and imitation firearms is unique to New Jersey and should not be trivialized.

New Jersey’s firearm laws are unique to New Jersey and must always be taken very seriously. If you’ve been charged with a weapons offense in New Jersey, retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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