DUI optionsSo you were charged with a DUI or DWI in NJ, and it comes associated with a fine—nothing exorbitant for a first offender, though it can seriously rack up for second or subsequent offenses. Many times our clients say that they initially considered just paying off the fine rather than consulting with an attorney, which we can say is always a mistake. There are DWI consequences that come with a guilty charge or plea, which are not always apparent to an unsuspecting citizen. Here is a little more about why we believe you would benefit from expert attorney services after being charged with a DUI.

  1. An experienced lawyer will simplify the process. Handling all of the steps associated with going through a DUI in NJ can be a nightmare, and it takes experience in a courtroom and with prosecutors to get you the best deal possible. Expert lawyers can get you a lesser sentence, depending on the mitigating circumstances of your particular case, including BAC, property or human damage, and the actions of your arresting officer on the scene.
  1. Any additional DWI consequences will be more serious. While a first offense for DUI carries with it hefty fines, license suspension, and possible jail time, some first offenders still fail to take into consideration how serious it really is. One of the ways that this is true is the way that a first offense will turn into a second or third if you make the same mistakes again, and the penalties associated with those charges are much higher! If you’re able to get out of the initial charge, it will protect you a long way in the future. 
  1. This charge can put your employment in jeopardy. One of the most important parts of keeping your life on track is your job, and even a first offense of DUI in NJ can put your valuable employment at risk. If you need to miss work to attend court, or even serve your jail time, you will be losing valuable income and possibly even your position altogether. After having your DWI on your record, it will also be more difficult to obtain the jobs you seek in the future. This is just another reason why this is not a charge to take lightly. 
  1. Knowledgeable attorneys are worth their weight in gold. Understand that hiring professional legal counsel is an investment into your own future and continued success, both financially and for your freedoms to operate a vehicle. If you plead guilty without an attorney, you are looking at an average of $3,600 in costs just to start out—not even including insurance premiums. Working with an attorney experienced in cases of DUI and DWI consequences means you’ll be treated with the best that the justice system has to offer, including a careful study of your case and the ways to ensure that you have the best possible results.

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