What Happens at ArraignmentIf you’ve been arrested and haven’t been bailed out or released on your own recognizance, you are probably concerned about when you’ll be arraigned – or brought before the judge for the first time. Arraignment, or initial appearance, relates to the prohibition against confining you without judicial oversight indefinitely. The specified timeframe for arraignment varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and can be quite nebulous.

Your Arraignment

In both state and federal cases, your arraignment or initial appearance before the judge is typically the point in your case in which you’ll be informed of the charges that are being brought against you and of certain constitutional rights, including your right to counsel. Further, the court will inquire about your plans to retain counsel and about your plea, will determine your bail or release on recognizance, will establish the conditions of your release (including any travel restrictions or bans on contact with the alleged victim), and will set future dates for your proceedings.

Probable Cause and Your Arraignment Timeframe

If your case’s jurisdiction combines probable cause determination with arraignment, your arraignment must be held as soon as is reasonably feasible, but in no event later than 48 hours after arrest ­– to include weekends. The reality, however, is that government agents – if they make a concerted effort to get you in front of a judge quickly and if the delay doesn’t contribute to your conviction – are afforded some slack within this timeframe.

Arrest, Arraignment, and Bail

If you’ve been arrested in New Jersey and are awaiting arraignment regarding your bail and release, you need experienced legal counsel. The detention system is known for pushing the limits of its authority, and your rights can be trampled in the process. You have the right to a speedy arraignment, and a skilled New Jersey criminal lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected.

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